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Jewelry That Evokes a Strong Emotion.

 My Beautiful Horse Jewelry Collection

I create my Beautiful Horse Jewelry from 14k yellow gold over silver. My yellow gold has a brighter, richer yellow color compared to standard 14k yellow gold from a refinery. 

My silver is just as special. I use an ultra-pure form of silver called Argentium silver. Argentium silver does not tarnish, and therefore does not need to be rhodium plated. Argentium silver has a softer silver look comparable to pure silver. Argentium silver is harder to work with and is more expensive that standard sterling silver so very few silversmiths make jewelry with ultra-pure Argentium silver.

Each piece of Beautiful Horse Jewelry has its own unique number stamped on the back, so no two pieces are exactly alike. I mark each piece numerically in the order that I made it. My first piece was marked “0001.” 

I use only ethically sourced gems that I purchase from Stuller Company. Stuller buys only ethically sourced gems and adheres to the International Kimberly Process Guidelines against conflict diamonds. I use only 100% natural gems.



Lakeview Horse Farm, Woodstock Georgia