frequently asked questions

Jewelry That Evokes a Strong Emotion.

How is your jewelry made?

Each piece of my jewelry is individually hand crafted by me and has a unique number stamped on the back, a copyright symbol, the company name “Beautiful Horse,” and either a 15k stamp for gold, or the .935 stamp for Argentium silver.  

To make my gold pieces, I alloy 24k gold into 15k yellow gold using a rare formula first used in England over 300 years ago. This 15k gold is more pure than the standard 14k yellow gold and as a result it is brighter and nicer looking. Each piece of my gold jewelry is marked “15k” on the back.

I make my silver jewelry out of an ultra-pure alloy of silver called Argentium silver. Argentium silver is 93.5% pure silver and does not tarnish and turn black like standard sterling silver. I think my silver jewelry looks better because I don’t need to rhodium plate it to keep the tarnish away.       

Where does your gold come from?

I buy gold that has been recycled and refined back into 24k gold. My gold is ethically and responsibly sourced.

Do you have a store?

I run a small operation and I don’t have a store. I sell on this website, at horse events, and through my blog posts. 

You are a GIA Graduate Gemologist, are you an official jewelry appraiser as well as a goldsmith?

Yes. I own Buckhead Jewelry Appraisers in Marietta, Georgia. I can be found at             

How can I contact you for Beautiful Horse inquiries or jewelry appraisal questions?

Click here to visit my contact page!